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Panigram Eco Resort and Spa

Panigram Eco Resort and Spa

Stage: Construction completed in 2018
Location: Jashore, Bangladesh
Client: Panigram Resort Ltd
Architect: Marina Tabassum
Land Area: 15 Acre

MTA’s research on low cost housing for the rural Bangladesh began in 2011. Our project Panigram Resort is an environmentally and socially responsible tourism project located in Chawgacha, Jashore. Rural Bengal is uniquely beautiful, the soul of Ganges delta. The project offered an opportunity to bring back the lost pride and belief in the wisdom of the land crafted over hundreds of years of dwelling in the delta by incorporating local knowledge of material and crafting. Villagers from the neighboring villages of the project site were engaged in the process of design and construction generating local economy and sense of ownership.

An extensive study of the vernacular architecture of the area informs the project which takes into account revival of the ‘Bangla roof’ unique to the location. The project interprets the values of communal living around courtyards that is reflected in the planning. Through this project the architects take a position on Architecture’s responsibility that goes beyond architecture.

Panigram Community Initiatives were introduced as an inclusive approach during the course of planning. Villagers are being trained to diversify their crafting skills to offer new products to the resort guests. We initiated savings groups in the villages of Taherpur and Madanpur in Chowgacha to empower village women and reduce dependency on micro credit systems. The principal of co-creation through savings groups helps to create a seed fund with the help of Community Savings Groups to help the villagers improve their living condition through a process of loan with simple interest.